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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Bugle Boy Rehearsals Day One

The start of a new week and another very busy one at that. It was the first day of rehearsals for BUGLE BOY our Musical about the life story of Glenn Miller. With a whole load of costumes and a suitcase full of Band parts the only way in was by car so, predicting the traffic on a Monday morning would be tricky I set off very early in my 'courtesy' Ka roller skate with dodgy brakes. The M4 and M40 which I migh have utilised to get to Fulham Broadway were both stricken with accidents so I decided to 'bite the bullet' and head for the heart of the capital. Naïve is probably the word I will remember that decision with as almost three hours later I finally managed to park up around the corner from Dance Attic. I met up with Colin, the Musical Director, and managed to go through the Music involved before the cast arrived at 10 am. Geoff, the Production & Company Manager sorted through the costumes with the cast before we embarked on trying to sort through the Musical numbers. As this is a Musical with known songs as opposed to one with original music then the cast did have a good idea of the majority of the numbers before we started. However there are a lot of harmonies for the cast to get to grips with as well which, when you have a pretty good idea of the melody line before you start can be more difficult. However we have assembled a very talented cast which also includes Four Actor/Musicians who, when they weren't singing were off in various spaces going through the band pads of their various instrumental lines. Although it was a long day it was a very productive one and I found myself heading back to the car, now moved to the Multi-Storey Car Park near Chelsea Football ground, humming and singing lots of great Glenn Miller tunes and songs. It is certainly going to be a fabulous sound. Back in the car my naivete grew to new limits as, rather than go back the way I came I thought I would head west towards the M25. How wrong that manoeuvre turned out to be as there were 90 minute delays in both directions for various accidents. Therefore the little Dodgem better known as the Ka had to take me on a lengthy detour through the Hertfordshire and Essex countryside. It had been my intention to get to see the performance of NOT NOW DARLING which was opening at the Palace Theatre in Southend that night. However it was just past the interval when I eventually got there. The cast of that particular play were in good spirits although some were confessing to be slightly disconcerted by the steep rake of the Theatre stage. The farce got a great reception at the end and with ticket sales for all the performances this week looking very healthy it looks like it should be a great week. Finally, on a day when it felt like lots of things were happening, we also had a rehearsal at the Palace for THE BLACK VEIL which has a date at Stevenage this week opening on Wednesday and then two days at Swindon Wyvern next week. Andrew and Nick were there alongside another Jennifer who was taking over in the role of 'The Woman'. By all accounts that rehearsal also went well and they will be back at the Palace for another rehearsal day in the morning. After getting up at 5 to get to London I didn't actually get home until after 11 so it was a long day. However it was one that definitely got me 'In The Mood' - pun intended!

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